[ dabble ] Youth Voices

Pack your suitcase for procrastination land if you’re not there already, because once you start clicking on the Adobe Youth Voices Aspire Awards videos you may find yourself cutting a few productive hours out of your day.

Adobe Youth Voices Aspire Awards is a “global, online competition that encourages youth to creatively express their vision for driving positive change in local communities” and what that looks like is a whole bunch of really inspiring videos, photos, poems and posters, made by youth between the ages of 13 – 19, focusing on issues that matter to them. From short documentaries to animation to photo essays it’s super cool to see youth from all around the world throwing their creativity and ideas into the mix of making a difference.

A few highlights we found:

- Boston teenager Sara Lynch with her awesome [sameness] message, looking at peoples different experiences and backgrounds, and ultimately what brings them together. You can watch it HERE

- Hoodforts, Mile End Community Project giving young people a place to creatively communicate their thoughts on certain issues. In this case, the stereotypes which came through in the 2011 London riots provided a strong talking point and came alive through a photographic exhibition on the topic. Check some pics below, and the rest of them HERE

Otherwise, follow THIS link to see the entire Documentary video library and click away to your hearts content. It’s full of really inspiring videos from communities around the world, a lot of which focus on humanity and understanding the stories of others. Very much goodness.