[ dabble ] Small World Machines

“In March 2013 we set out to show that what unites us is stronger than what divides us.” – Coca-Cola

Yeah, we know, it’s not the kind of quote you expect from a multi-national soft drink company that is considered by some to be the worlds most valuable brand, having it’s product in every country except North Korea and Cuba (you can probably still find Coke in both those places.) But last week we came across Cokes latest viral video offering, including the above quote, and were left fumbling for the right words to describe how awesome the video, the Small World Machines project, and the underlying message was.

The idea of [sameness] is so strongly displayed through the video below that if we were to have one thing that summed up the idea of [sameness] if would be this video – the big picture of erasing the lines that separate people, the “restart the heart” moments of doing it through a fun, engaging process, and the proof that the bigger narratives that separate people are able to be looked past for a greater good.

Check out our little clip explaining the [sameness] project HERE to see what we mean.

Coca-Cola nailed it with this video.

“I think a lot of strife would go away if you took away the barbed wire in the middle of the two countries.”

India and Pakistan have a very interesting history, and provide a good case study on lines that separate, with religion and history being two big themes that divide both nations. If you want to read a little bit more about it you can check out the wikipedia page on India-Pakistan relations HERE.

For a look behind Coca-Cola’s Small World Machine project check out the video below which looks at how the project was put together.

What were your thoughts immediately after watching the first video?

What would be some other prime locations for this project?