[ dabble ] 99 Names

What's in a name? 

The video below is from BYU Magazine and focuses on glass artist Andrew Kosorok, who is creating amazing works of glass art based on the 99 names of God as used in Islam, and the [sameness] they share with his Christian faith. This is how he describes himself and the project:

“I am a Christian glass artist, living in Utah. Startled at how media depiction of Islam and Muslims is generally so negative, I determined to learn what the faith is really about—using the Qur’an and talking to Muslims, rather than relying on internet blogs and discussion groups. The 99 Most Beautiful Names of God is an ideal subject for coordinating research—and I can use the information I learn to strengthen my own faith, too. As the sculptures are completed, I have been displaying them in libraries, galleries, and online; local Muslims are invited to come to the openings and talk about what the Names mean for them personally, and to answer questions about their faith in a relaxed environment of learning and art enjoyment.” 

Kosorok has a Fine Arts degree in Sculptural Stained Glass with minors in Comparative Religions and Humanities, and 20 years of experience in it all, so he is in a pretty good position to be doing what he’s doing.

Having not tried glass art we are just going to assume it is very very hard, which makes his final products even more special.

Kosorok has a Pinterest page where you can see all the glass art. Prepare to be in awe.

The inter-faith art project is featured over at The 99 Names For Peace Project which has a site full of art looking at spirituality through the lens of different religions. We discovered it while zipping around the internet as part of the newest [sameness] project For God’s Sakewhich is asking the same questions.

If Kosorok’s glass art and project journey inspires or interests you then go check out For God’s Sake and add your voice to the mix!