[ dabble ] Reflecting Humanity

“The only way for me to be human is for you to reflect my humanity back at me.”

This crazy cool saying is unpacked from the word “Ubuntu”, which originates from the South Africa/Zimbabwe region and is used by Chris Abani in the below TED talk.
Chris Abani is a Nigerian Author who, through one of those lives that seems much more interesting than most peoples, has looked at the idea of humanity, and the little acts of compassion which drive it forward.

We use the term “humanity seeing humanity” to describe the heartbeat of the [sameness] project, through the idea that our [sameness] is recognised when we see each other as fellow human beings, before anything else is layered on top.

This talk manages to take a loaded concept like humanity and give it real power through stories that are both funny and heartbreaking, with the whole spectrum of the human experience included.

What are your thoughts after watching this TED talk?

Which story did you find the most powerful?

If you feel like a higher dose of Chris Abani you can check out his work on his website.