[ dabble ] Close Distance

Each photo in Jannatul Mawa's series shows two ladies seated side by side, posing for pictures together in pretty nice looking homes. Being seated next to each other suggests a closeness that is offset by the story behind the photographs...

Mawa's series, entitled Close Distance examines the relationship between "housemaids" and the women that employ them in the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. While the photographs capture a moment of two women sharing the same space, the social dynamic of housemaid and employer is one that places both women on very different levels, and doesn't often creep anywhere close to [sameness].

“Within women, there is class difference depending on the economic and professional position of individuals, which I want to show here.” - Jannatul Mawa.

We found this story over on CNN.com and the full interview with Mawa is really interesting as she unpacks the details behind the series.

You can also have a peep at Jannatul Mawa's site HERE

Close Distance reminds us a whole lot of one of the first [sameness] projects we ran in Dubai called Soles & Stories, focusing on domestic workers and their employers. Soles & Stories highlighed the creativity of a group of domestic workers and the personal stories that made them much more than just "domestic workers", while involving employers in the process.

Rodelyn (above) was one of our lovely Soles & Stories participants and you can check out her story and her shoe-art, along with the rest of the ladies, HERE.

What challenges you most about Jannatul Mawa's photographs?