[ dabble ] The Runners

Running - for some it's a pleasure, for some it's straight pain, and for most it's a solitary activity with you, the path ahead, and your thoughts.  

You wouldn't think you could make much of a film about people running but filmmakers Matan Rochlitz & Ivo Gormley have managed to capture so many beautiful human stories in 11 minutes that we are already hoping for a second instalment.  

Grab a drink and check it out:

There is something special about first time conversations with strangers and the willingness for people to open up about some very personal areas of their life, complimented by how closely we can identify with most of what's said.
We're reminded a lot about our [sameness] project The Conversation Chair, and the moments of sameness that are shared between strangers when the opportunity is presented.

It's also pretty impressive that these people can speak so easily whilst running...

What pieces shared by the runners did you identify with most?