[ dabble ] My Enemy, My Brother

Stories don't come much more wow than this. Spanning decades and continents, war and peace, this tale of two men from either side of a conflict and the moment that brings them together needs to be seen to be believed.

War is the embodiment of separateness, battles are fought and lives lost over significant human differences, and this story shows the power of recognising humanity and the power of empathy between enemies. The concept of sameness can seem a little bit fluffy when placed beside the realities of war, conflict, or killing, but a story like this shows the power of recognising the life of another human being, even when they are supposedly your enemy.

It's a bit of a long watch at 16 minutes, but it's time well spent, so settle in and engage with this Op-Doc from the New York Times.

And it doesn't all end with the credits either. Filmmaker Ann Shin has set up a funding campaign to finance the telling of the rest of this story. The campaign has recently closed (July 2015) but you can jump to the page to keep up to date as this  journey moves forward.