[ dabble ] The Gamcha Project

Art is always near the top of the list of things that inspire us, give a little shot of goodness, and as we like to say "restart the heart". Finally getting a chance to see The Gamcha Project was a restart the heart moment...

Over a period of 8 months artist Elise Vazelakis collected gamchas, the colourful cloth head scarves worn by Dubai's labourers, and wove together building site materials, fabric, photographs of the labourers themselves, and other objects, to create these beautiful works of art.

Woven into every gamcha are the stories of the guys who build Dubai, and who make it the great city it is. With the works hanging in a gallery it creates a beautiful moment of [sameness] as the viewer can pause and consider the stories behind the guys who are often called the "invisible workers".
At the end of the day each human living in Dubai is a "worker", and our stories are all woven into the fabric of this city. It's moments where we can recognise each other, whatever role we play, that infuse this city with goodness, beyond the greatness.

It's that moment of [sameness] that led to Elise crossing paths with the [sameness] project and offering up a pretty cool partnership. A portion of The Gamcha Project sales will go towards supporting the [sameness] project and particularly our Water for Workers initiative, telling a bigger story, and involving many more people!
We LOVE Elise's work and the tie in with what we do, and we are really honoured to be part of The Gamcha Project story.

If you're in Dubai you can go see the The Gamcha Project at Showcase Gallery, Al Serkal Avenue, Al Quoz, Dubai from the 17th March till the 15th April.

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