[ dabble ] Humans Of The World

No one shares the same set of fingerprints. They are what make us unique, define our diversity, identify us, and place us as an individual in amongst the 7 billion others.  

And while we marvel at the uniqueness of our fingerprints it's also equally cool to marvel at our place in amongst those 7 billion others, and the humanity that comes from seeing all those fingerprints as adding to the greater sum of humanity.

Our fingerprints tell a story, and that story is what French designer Adriene Columbie is chasing over the next year.
For 365 days from July 30th Columbie is traveling an interesting little path around the world collecting fingerprints, stories, images and video of those he meets along the way.

Is it going to be one of the most interesting trips ever taken? Yes.

Check out his master plan in the video...

The deeper we get into our journey with the [sameness] project the more amazing stuff like this we come across from all over the globe, highlighting both beauty in our diversity but also in our sameness. We cant wait to start following this journey and watch the end result come together over the next year!

To follow the project and help fund it check out the Indigogo site HERE

You can also follow along on facebook

Here are some pictures of the book layout for all you people who enjoy pretty things