[ dabble ] 1000 cranes for 1000 strangers

Sometimes it’s hard to find our sameness and show people that we care, especially when we don’t know them. Artist and designer Mariëlle Coppes shows us that simple gestures can do the trick. 

She believes that we have tremendous power within ourselves to spread goodness. Her colourful acts of kindness are designed to touch and inspire people and erase those lines that separate.

Watch this simple video of her on one of her missions to brighten people’s day, make them feel connected to something bigger, and ultimately share some sameness.

Are you smiling? Well don’t hold back! Take this as your cue to go and spread your own goodness in the world.

Coincidentally we have our own cool origami giveaways that can be printed out and given away! Try it out!

Take a look at Mariëlle Coppes blog to find other fun and playful ways to spread some cheer and live fully and with joy.