[ #ShareYourSameness ] Origami Sameness

#ShareYourSameness experiments are all about using the power of the internet & the power of YOU to create some moments of sameness. Try out the experiment below, erase some lines that separate, add your voice to everyone else's and watch the goodness grow.

Origami Sameness - Here's a free gift. A gift from us to you. Print it out on a regular A4 piece of paper and give it as a gift to someone else.

For all the business cards, flyers, advertisements and messages that get handed out around the world everyday, there is an over-supply of nonsense and an under-supply of things which are actually cool to give and cooler to get. Print a heart, or a few, fold it into origami and then give it away. Leave it on a bathroom stall for someone to discover later. Place it on the next bench you see. Slip it inside someones shopping bag while they're not watching (you have to be pretty sneaky for this one). Give it to the Barista who makes your coffee every morning. The possibilities are endless!

Click on the picture to download.


COOL EXAMPLE: Here's an awesome little note that a member of the sameness community wrote out and gave to the person who delivers their paper daily, alongside a printed & folded origami heart & a chocolate bar.

"To Hajj Mohamad, Thank You! For bringing us the paper everyday and the awesome job that you do."  - 704

Feel the love? We certainly do.

Post your picture QUICK BEFORE YOU FORGET on any of our social media and hashtag #ShareYourSameness and we will start building the sameness roof...