[ #ShareYourSameness ] High-Fives to Strangers

#ShareYourSameness experiments are all about using the power of the internet & the power of YOU to create some moments of sameness. Try out the experiment below, erase some lines that separate, add your voice to everyone else's and watch the goodness grow.

High-Fiving Strangers. When was the last time you received a high-five? Feels good right? High-fives are awesome. Take our 5 HIGH FIVES challenge.

What the world needs now is more High Fives . 

It's the simplest of actions, one hand meeting another, a clap of sound, the feeling of awesomeness, and then just carrying on with your day...

We pass by so many people on our daily routines and you know what every one of those people need? A high five. They don't require you to stop, just to stick your hand out, and ask for a high-five back. Easy as.

So that's your #ShareYourSameness mission - High Five 5 strangers during your day and then tell us about your cool experiences, #ShareYourSameness on our social media, or write something up in the dialogue box below.

Here are some really cool examples of how this experiment could be awesome: